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Anderson Overland Outfitters Off-Road Training Private or Group Training
One of the best upgrades you can make is upgrading yourself and your skills.
We always Recommend that our customers investigate and take specialized Off-road training before setting out on their adventures.
At Anderson Overland Outfitters we offer customized training courses, taught by I4WDTA Instructors and other Professionals in the field.
A sampling of the courses offered.
Off-Road 101: Basic skills, Techniques, Vehicle Preparation, and recovery basics. Perfect for those new to Overlanding.
Winching and Recovery systems: In depth classes on safe winching practices, gear and techniques.
Advanced Off-Road Skills: In depth driving skills, advanced recovery techniques and tools
Vehicle Field Repair: Everything from General Maintenance and daily checks to how to fix a leaking radiator and other advanced techniques and specialized tools for your particular truck or Adventure.
Hi-Lift Jack: Safe use of the Hi-lift, Hi-Lift maintenance, advanced techniques such as winching, spreading and recovery using the Hi-lift.
Most classes can be done in a one-day format and multi day classes can be arranged which combine several offerings to maximize your learning.
Primary location for training is private land in the Uwharrie National Forrest, but we can arrange for training nationwide or internationally in your location.
All Classes are offered as either private or Semi-Private for groups unto 8 at a time (per trainer).
Vehicles can be provided as well for a full Arrive and Drive service.
Prices start at $500/Day/Student but are customized for your needs and adventure. 
Please contact us for more information. 
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